Whether you have a restaurant, service station, country club, oil refinery, boat marina, etc….
The removal cost of grease or oil has increased  4x the cost now – Why you ask?  The costs are going to increase to 6x or better!

The state environmental agencies are now imposing fines equivalent to a business’s one year net profit. It doesn’t matter what industry your in. If you produce, use, or have grease or oil as a by product of your business; you are the next target for the most expensive and costly pumping or cleanup – wake up call of your business career!

We distribute aerobic and faculative anaerobic Bacteria that is Biodegradable; safe for humans, animals, and clothing. Don’t shift the problem – eliminate it. We will save you thousands or perhaps millions!

The ultimate goal of our project is to Reduce your Operating Costs & Increase Profits!
Utilize Time More Efficiently- We offer a Compact Pump w/ Hopper to Eliminate any Disruption In Cycle.
Less Paperwork, No Down Time In Operations
Avoid Substantial Costs From Being Pumped
Utilize A System and a Product At A Price Nobody Can Match- We Have 26 Years Experience In Storing, Handling And Dispersing BIO-1000

BIO-1000 Contains Microorganisms That Are Capable Of Degrading A Wide Range Of Oils And Greases Under Aerobic, Facultative, Anaerobic Conditions Combined With Natural Biological Enhancers, Micronutrients And Macronutrients.
Specifications: {Form}- Free-Flowing Liquid; {Color}- Pale Green; {Fragrance}- Lemon;{Nutrient Content}- Surfactants, Micronutrients, Biological Enhancers; {Plate Count}- 100 Billion Per Liter, 400 Billion Per Gallon